I've always been fascinated by the human story, even dating back to prehistory where we co-existed with other hominids and primates. Within the past year, new evidence indicates that some of the works we had previously associated with early human were likely created by our close hominid species, perhaps Neanderthals or Homo Erectus. That shows that our earliest impulses toward art are somehow encoded into our evolution. In this work, which started out as a chimpanzee, and later became a closer but now extinct relative. Inspired by the many displays in natural history museums throughout the world, Hominid, points to what existed before us and possibly what might emerge after Homo Sapiens.

Exhibited during the solo exhibition, The Reconstruction



Hominid (2018).
Sculpture. Unfired stoneware, wire, iron armature, living moss, wood sculpture stand.
50x50x180 cm.

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