Dia Projects, as a contemporay art experiment was established in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It functioned primarily as an artistic research and planning space. On site is an archive and library with over 3,500 books on contemporary art, science, philosophy, theory and history.

At the core, it is a space for experimentation. Fundamentally it differed from other Saigon art spaces in that it had no programming and was entirely self-funded. While an extension of the artist's practice it is neither an exhibition space nor gallery.

Dia Projects has on occasion facilitated research residencies for curators and researchers. In 2012, at another site Dia Warehouse was established as an industrial warehouse production space where ideas developed at Dia Projects could be fabricated and realized in a large studio environment.

In 2015, Dia Projects launched its very first exhibition space now located at 1057 Bình Quới Street, Bình Thạnh District in Ho Chi Minh City with regulars exhibitions and programming for Saigion creative scene ranging from contemporary art, performance, architecture and design.

Since the launch of Dia Projects as an exhibition space, former and current research and studio projects affiliated with the artist's practice are gathered under the name, Dia Studio.

For more information about the name, Địa, please read Prof. Nora Taylor's article!