The Reconstruction

The Reconstruction

In this exhibition that takes place sometime in the future, an artist is commissioned to by a curator in Bangkok to try and piece together information related to human civilisation after the Great Last Extinction, marking the end of the Anthropocene, where humans have caused the annihilation of many of the planet’s animal and plant life. Going through the ruins of humanity, the artist tries to make sense of human history and culture through the detritus and reconstruct meaning based on what has been left behind.

The exhibition features 27 new works on two floors spanning sculpture, installation, painting, drawing and culinary art.

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

I want to thank Chang Tran, Marie-Louise Jones and Dung Tran for lending a hand and ear at the gallery during the production of the works. For my Thai friends who have helped… including Nutdanai Jitbunjong, Charintus Saengruentrit, Nara Vuthiarpa, Prasert Yodkaew, Torwong Wutthiwong, Lyla Phimanrat, Nipan Oranniwesna, Kata Saenghae. To food designer Lee Pijika for her collaboration. The de Sarthe Gallery (Hong Kong/Beijing) for their continued support and representation. Nhung Nguyen, for another brilliant composition to pair with my installation. And lastly but most importantly the BUG team of Thunwalai Thaiprasert, Rujee-Lawan Chandhorn, Manipa Jayawan, Art Fongsmut and Dr. Monvilai Rojanatanti.

Curated by Ark Fongsmut


The Reconstruction
Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Thailand
Solo Exhibition
April 30 - June 23, 2018

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