Winslow is an homage to one of my favorite painters, Winslow Homer, who created some of the most beautiful watercolors I've had the pleasure to see. 

One of fourteen new paintings in the sixth series of the Prophilia Project. The first six paintings in the sixth series of the Prophilia Project were created for my solo exhibition at La Lanta Fine Art in conjunction with Vin Gallery in Bangkok in 2022 with the latter eight to be exhibited in Saigon. This portrait is included in the final eight first exhibtited at the Ho Chi MInh City Fine Arts Association in the exhibiton, Họa sĩ và Mỹ thuật Ứng dụng (Artists and Applied Arts) on April 21, 2022.



Watercolor and gouache on metal plate with absorbent ground, cold wax medium
42 cm diameter , Series 6

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