Project Mau

Project Mau: Homelessness, Experience and Design Advocacy<br>
Intepreting Bruce Mau's "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth"

This project required choosing a designer and preparing a project based on your interpretation of that designer. I chose, in the spirit of Toronto-based designer Bruce Mau, to do an experiment addressing homelessness in the Boston area. This involved documenting the process in digital video through real-time interviews on the street with the homeless, interviews with the Cambridge police department in Harvard Square and seeking and constructing an improvised shelter to sleep in overnight (which included sleeping under public art works). This project took place on an extremely cold December night. Below you will find screen captures above taken from over 1-hour of video footage from that night.



Project Mau: Homelessness, Experience and Design Advocacy
Boston, Massachusetts
December 9, 2000

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