A Black Hole

A Black Hole (2020) combines the similar concave forms of the satellite dish and the umbrella in an anamorphic sculpture that changes meaning based on the viewers perspective. Coated in several layers of the ultra pigmented paint that aborbs up to 99% of visible light, Black 3.0 (developed in response to artist Anish Kapoor's exclusive rights to Vanta Black), the sculpture appears to be  a hovering black hole in space. However as the visitor approaches the sculpture from the side, they are able to see that the antennae of the satellite dish has been replaced by an umbrella handle - speaking to the relation between the Hong Kong protest movements and the communication technologies that has both potentials to facilitate and impede it.



A Black Hole (2020)
Sculpture. Satellite dish, umbrella handle, ultra Black 3.0 paint
180x180x165 cm

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