Emerging Wave

From June 18th to August 8th, 2010, Ko Eun Photo Gallery (Director Hyung Soo Kim, Professor Lee Jae-koo / Professor of Photography, Kyungsung University) will hold an exhibition titled "Emerging Wave" to exhibit works of modern photographers from Korea and Southeast Asia. 

The 'Emerging Wave' exhibition was organized by the Korea-ASEAN Foundation in May 2010, sponsored by the Go-eun Cultural Foundation and exhibited at the Seoul Arts Center. This exhibition presents the flow of contemporary photographs of Southeast Asia in keeping with the trend of international photography. In addition to the growth of contemporary photographs in Asia such as Korea, China, Japan and India, Southeast Asia contemporary photography has attracted the attention of international photographers with its diverse and fresh works. In particular, the new interpretation and formative nature unique to Southeast Asia has been evaluated as a new possibility of modern photography since the early 2000s. 

It is meaningful to invite ASEAN photographers to hold a large-scale special exhibition at this point. The 'Emerging Wave' exhibition is an exhibition to meet the diversity of contemporary photography that is emerging today, as its title suggests. It also seeks the new relation of contemporary art and the potential of Southeast Asian photographic art.

'Emerging Wave' has been participated by representative artists who have been leading Southeast Asian and Korean contemporary photographs. In recent years, Angki PURBANDONO in Indonesia, LIEW Kung Yu in Malaysia, Bea CAMACHO in Philippines, Mintio in Singapore, Twenty-six writers including Southeast Asian writers and Nanda, Yoo Hyunmi, Lee Yeolin, Lee Won Chul, Jido Yang, and Choong Chuan Won of Korea are introduced. These artists embrace the diverse cultural perspectives of photography and contemporary art, and present a vision of new photography art. 

The special exhibition of the Ko Eun Photo Museum will be a meaningful exhibition to diagnose the current status of Southeast Asian contemporary photography. In addition, it will be a communication venue to narrow the distance between the region, region, region, people, people and country, It will be an opportunity to directly feel the art of photography. In this exhibition, the exhibition will not only create a new multicultural culture by combining Southeast Asian contemporary photography with Korean contemporary photography, but also an expanded concept that will lead to a new paradigm for cultural diversity in Korea. 



Emerging Wave
ASEAN-Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition
Goeun Museum of Photography
Busan, Korea June 18 - Aug 8, 2010

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