Yoni Linga Hermaphroditis

The Yoni (Vagina) and Linga (Penis) has been used as symbols for fertility since antiquity, originating in India and assimilated into the various kingdoms later emerging throughout Hindu-Buddhist Southeast Asia. In this sculpture using found materials and clay, both yoni and linga are clearly visible but together in one sculpture create a third configuration - the hermaphrodite (both sexed). Some animals under extreme conditions are able to give birth without mating with the opposite sex in what is known as parthenogenisis. As human continue to explore the complex biology of the world, might this someday be a possibility to continue our primate lineage after the great last extinction?


Exhibited during The Reconstruction



Yoni Linga Hermaphroditis (2018).
Sculpture. Unfired Stoneware, fiberglass roofing, wire, two paint buckets, rope, H-Frame easel.
80 x 250 x 170 cm.

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