Video Multiples

Video Multiples: An experiment in Multiplicity

Video Multiples is a video experiment in multiples of the self. How does one reconcile constrained movement and performance with projections and the shadows cast by one's own body. How does gendered costume change the context of the performance when all three are one in the same body. How far might these experiments be pushed? This performance continues issues explored in previous performances and experiments, particularly “Technology and Its Precursor" and “Information Instances".

Process: This experiment is performed, recorded and produced within one room by one person: record video of torso and movement, transfer footage from dv to vhs, project vhs footage onto wall and body via the cpj projector taking care to scale and align performers body with projection. Performer then reacts to projected motion of self. There exists three multiples of the self (the projected image, the live performer and the shadow) and an optimal performance creates an interesting relation between all three. The final performances with three images is recorded by sony trv-900 as the final artwork.
Future directions: Recording other bodies for projection and performance while testing the threshold of how many multiples can exist in one video image performance while still maintaining visual clarity and integrity. I’d also like to experiment using two or more performers at one time. [This was later achieved in Body Frame/Video Frame (2004)]

Equipment: sony trv-900 dv camera, sony cpj video projector, sanyo vcr, and mini-dv and vhs tapes.
Duration (final composite): approximately 5 minutes



Video Multiples: An experiment in Multiplicity
New Media & Performance
Boston, Massachusetts
June 22, 2001

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