The World on the Back of a Tortoise

Native North American, India, and Chinese are among cultures that have early cosmologies believing that the world existed on the back of tortoises or turtles. It's not suprising that it naturally these amazing creatures seem to carry their world with them. This work is an homage to those early mythologies where we believed in the power of the animal and constructed our realities to be in close relation to them. 

The sculpture is made with a simple wire armature of arches, which true to the actual turtle, replicate the expanded rib structure that becomes the shell itself, upon which the stoneware clay is layered and finally islands of living moss are applied to create the patterns seen on the shell.

Exhibited during the solo exhibition, The Reconstruction



The World on the Back of a Tortoise (2018).
Sculpture. Unfired stoneware, wire, live moss and table.
60x25x45 cm.

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