The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle (2018) was inspired by the many works depicting erotic life at the Khajuraho temples in India. Human erotic depictions in art go back into antiquity and seem to be universal. The orgies might speak to hedonism or fertility, but they seem prophetic in that we currently have a planet dominated by the reproduction of one species at the cost of others with over 7 billion humans. At what cost do the comforts and needs of our species come at the cost of the others.

In a recent article on The Atlantic, science writer Ed Yong talks about the decline of large animals throughout the world and evidence seems to point to one main factor, they were exterminated by humans and the prediction is that in a few centuries, the largest living land animal may be the domestic cow. While humans have no problem procreating, other species, such as the Giant Panda, seem destined to head for extinction.

Exhibited during the solo exhibition, The Reconstruction



The Pleasure Principle (2018)
Sculpture. Floral foam, unfired stoneware clay, wire and wood dowels, shelf.
80x35x20 cm

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