Technology and Its Precursor

Seated at a small non-descript table. Back towards the audience. On the table a laptop with an attached quick cam. Above the quickcam is a VHS camera on a tripod. Both will recording and displaying the act simultaneously. One display from the laptop LCD screen, the other, a video projection on the small wall in front of me. The act consists of the writing of a "note to self" using lectraset and a spoken reading of the quotes below.

Lectraset has become an obsolete technolgoy formerly used in printed communication design. It has since been replaced by digital typesetting. This performance then becomes a dialogue between technologies (the analog and digital). 

Quotes to be read:

Jorge Luis Borges:  "Borges and I". Everything and Nothing. New York: New Directions Books, 1980.

"Little by little, I am giving over everything to him, though I am quite aware of his perverse custom of falsifying and magnifying things.

Spinoza knew that all things long to persist in their being; the stone eternally wants to be a stone and the tiger a tiger. I shall remain in Borges, not in myself (if it is true that I am someone), but I recognize myself less in his books than in many others or in the laborious strumming of a guitar. Years ago I tried to free myself from him and went from the mythologies of the suburbs to the games with time and infinity, but those games belong to Borges now and I shall have to imagine other things. Thus my life is a flight and I lose everything and everything belongs to oblivion, or to him.

I do not know which of us has written this page."

Jacinto Lagiera. "The Image of the World and Body of the Text". Art & Performance: Gary Hill. Ed. Robert C. Morgan. Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press, 2000.

"Writing has become an image which reflects itself. In the viewer who reads the words that pass before his eyes; in the voice which is their dependent aspect and which can repeat phonically what one reads on the screen; in the image of a page of text that one reads aloud or to oneself; between two screens that then act as potential mirrors."



Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM)
February 22, 2001

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