Signifier, Subject, Space

A performance, with Ben Sisto, using found materials rooted in linguistic and semiotic spaces.

Found objects: large spool of yarn, styrofoam packaging, venetian blind (disassembled to [1] delineate space and [2] construct the switch). spool of yarn remains within delineation yet yarn transgresses space and its end is tied around crouching performers neck. Installation/performance is required to take place in or near an elevator or restroom (restroom is signfied by text on wall).

Performers assume initial postures, one within the space delineated by the blinds, the other outside. Performer inside reads selected excerpt from the book, Site-Specific Art; performer outside puts styrofoam packaging around head, kneels on all fours and lowers head. after reading, Performer picks up switch and forcefully strikes back, neck, arms, legs, and side of other performer for 20 iterations, and with each iteration, the other is to make a sound. when the 20 strikes are completed, live performance is done. The concept of the final performance then continues over one week, documenting the trace on body every two days.

Note: This is the beginning of what will be performances that deal with the thresholds of endurance, duration and physical pain in the coming years as a professional artist.



Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM)
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston
June 14, 2001

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