Ouvre and Manouvre

Ouvre and Manouvre (2011)

The second proposal is to construct smaller turtles in polymer. Some black and others white. The turtles are arranged in a gridded installation space in the formation of the Spratley and Paracel Island groups. When seen from above, the turtles also resemble the pieces on a Go (or Chinese Checkers) board. It’s a game of strategy and tactics that relies purely on relationships between the pieces as no one piece holds any more power or influence than the other. This metaphor, familiar with many who’ve played this popular Asian game, will immediately recognize its significance.

Proposal for:

Art Domain Migration. ASEAN and China,  10 + 1 Art Tactics
Independent Art Project, The 4th Guangzhou Triennial
Curator: Margaret Zhang
Artist: Richard Streitmatter-Tran
Location: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam



Proposal for 4th Guangzhou Triennale

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