Jungle Book (Mekong Shift)

This series of photographs forms a visual narrative of the Mekong River. From images deep within the jungle of imagination to the scenes from the contemporary everyday that is Mekong delta today. In many of the photos, the images are tilt-shifted, where only specific areas of the image remain in focus. This is achieved with a perspective tilt-shift lens. I am also trying to shift, on a conceptual level, our perspective on how we imagine and experience one of Asia's most important and changing river systems.

This photography series belongs to a larger art project, The Jungle Book (2008-2010) that includes photography, new media, installation and performance focusing on facts and fictions from the Mekong subregion and exhibited throughout Asia including the BACC (Bangkok) and the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).  The Jungle Book (Mekong Shift) is a part of my residency and solo exhibition with Kandada Art Space in Tokyo in 2009.



The Jungle Book Project
Photography, c-prints
90 x 60 cm
Edition of 5

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