Hare with Missing Information

This is one of the first works I created for the exhibiton and became an earlier influencer as the general concept of the exhibition developed. Rather than creating the full body of the hare, I liked how the wire armature itself revealed a the form of the hare, much like a gestural drawing. Like many of my sculptures, I particularly enjoy that the process of making is revealed in the final work, including the wires, armatures, and mark making tools, even leaving the armature bolted on the sculpture stand and considering the whole workstation the artwork.

Science and art both are always about interpretation and understanding often subjectively without needing all the information. So this piece is titled so.

Exhibited with the solo exhibition, The Reconstruction



Hare with Missing Information (2018).
Sculpture. Unfired stoneware, wire, iron armature, wood sculpture stand.
50x50x180 cm.

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