Excavation/Elevation (After Champa)

"The work Excavation/Elevation (After Champa) is an edible cake inspired by the temples that are from the Champa Kingdom (2nd century to the 19th century) that existed in Vietnam. The buildings represent the distant past and recreating them as consumable cake is a statement on how the commodification of ancient Vietnam has become equivalent to baking a delicious cake to be visually appreciated and the devoured. In the context of this show, Excavation/Elevation (After Champa) asks if this will be the fate of all culture."

The choice to include representations of Cham culture to reflect a geographical territory that is now situated in the south of Vietnam existing before the Vietnamese people (Dai Viet), would occupy the territory, showing a long history of shared cultural influences with out Mahayannan Buddhist neighbors along the Mekong (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar) and the Hindhu-Buddhist aesthetic that predates the powerful influence of China upon Vietnam in later centuries.

Included in the exhibition, Departures.



Excavation/Elevation (After Champa)
Edible cake fondant, foam interior. 80 x 35 x 35 cm.
Departures, May 26 - July 8, 2017
De Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong

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