Crowded River

"Crowded river is a reflection upon and transformation of our notions and reasons for human gathering. This performance takes the manifestation of crowds as a basis for the work, evoking images of crowds, both local and global, historical and current, from bus stops to sporting events, protests, funerals, food lines, migrations, celebrations and pilgrimages." -Dillon Paul


Artists: Hiroko Kikuchi, Jim Banta, Sally DeAngeles, Madeline McNeely, Maureen Paul, Karen Rosen, Ben Hall, Rich Streitmatter-Tran, Cheryl Oshort, John Corso, Nadine Santiago, Alissa Cardone, Dillon Paul.

Installation by Jed Speare and Bart Uchida.
Photos: Henry Samelson

A commission of the Cambridge Arts Council.



Crowded River
Cambridge River Festival 2001, Massachusetts,br> June 16, 2001

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