Cities and Strangers

6 Cities, 60 Artists, 600 Images
Bangkok, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Saigon
Saigon Curator: Sue Hadju

"A city is a mileu in which strangers are likely to meet." 
- Richard Sennet in The Fall of Public Man.

The series of 10 images captures the life of P, one hour in April. 

I exhibited the series "Cities and Strangers" documenting the one day in the life of a transgender woman in Saigon.

Someone once wrote “a city is a place where strangers tend to meet”. In cities it is more likely that one’s interactions with people are first time encounters. Cities also have a dynamic circulation of people arriving and departing, moving and settling, appearing and disappearing. People can choose to be in the limelight or remain largely anonymous and invisible. In some cases, entire communities remain invisible as does the transsexual community shared in these photographs. The camera captures what the eye ignores.

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600 Images Exhibition
28-31 June 2006

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