Between the North Star and a Black Hole (2020)

Between the North Star and a Black Hole (2020) is an installation of select books from the artist's studio library that relate to resistance, surveillance, power, technology, violence, social issues and critiques of capitalism. Gallery visitors are invited to remove the books from the sliding acrylic cases and read in the gallery.

The North Star is the brightest star visible from earth and has since antiquity been a guiding light for navigators. In an age where there is an exponential growth in the production of data and in an age of misinformation, alternative facts and deep fakes, our ability to process and trust information has become clouded. This installation allows the visitor to slow down and make their own connections between the content of the books and their relation to the exhibition.




Between the North Star and a Black Hole (2020)
Installation. Books, acrylic cases. Dimensions variable.

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