Armour and Amour

Armour and Amour (2011)

For this installation, I have two proposals that I am investigating. The first is the construction of modified turtles around 30 inches in length cast in bronze or glass. The turtles in this imagined scenario have taken it upon themselves to defend their territory by becoming cyborgs of sorts. The necks of some turtles have become periscopes, others have become submarines or land roving armored tanks. Both surreal and tactical, having faced the possibility of extinction, the turtles have taken it upon themselves to protect the earth’s ecosystem after human failure.

Through the use of metaphor, we see through the metaphor of anthropomorphized animals our own human folly.

Proposal for:

Art Domain Migration. ASEAN and China,  10 + 1 Art Tactics
Independent Art Project, The 4th Guangzhou Triennial
Curator: Margaret Zhang
Artist: Richard Streitmatter-Tran
Location: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam



Proposal for 4th Guangzhou Triennale

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