Anamorphic Public Sculptural Installation

Upon returning from the Thailand Biennale, I was asked by Rice Creative to help design a public anamorphic sculpture for a ride and delivery company that just launched in Vietnam. Anamorphism is where the form and shapes change based on your perspective, in this case, the words "be" and "bold" are visible from two perspectives but become abstract sculptural shapes otherwise.

For me, the most difficult thing trying to envision how this should work starting with sketches, then moving onto rapid prototyping using modeling clay, then to a 3d program, to later be printed on a 3d printer as a model. After we figured out the alignment issues, it finally went to production and was installed last week at the entrance to Landmark 81 (currently Vietnam's tallest building) in Saigon.

As with most new projects, I learned quite a lot from sketch to sculpture. Thanks to my RMIT colleagues Giang Nguyen and Tu Huu Nguyen for your knowledge and expertise in helping this see reality and to Chí-An Benjamin De Leo of Rice Creative for the opportunity and challenge and Kingsmen Vietnam for the fabrication!

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Anamorphic Public Sculptural Installation
Landmark 81 Tower, HCMC
December 2018

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