A Short History of Man and Animal

The early humans that first crossed waters on boats likely looked to the animals of the sea for inspiration. Just as Leonardo DaVinci’s early designs for flight were adaptations of bat-like wings, the simple fishing boats of today still inherit the biodesign of the animal. The main body of the boat  is formed primarily with the spine (keel) and ribs, resembling the skeleton of a whale.

The armature for the spine is constructed with wood supported by iron buttresses while the vertebrae for the exhibition are hand formed with layered unfired porcelain.

A Short History of Man and Animal examines our close relationship with whales, who for much of history were believed to be giant fish until they were confirmed to be in the class of animals known as mammals, to which we belong.  

Exhibited first at my solo exhibition at Dia Projects in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015, and the Singapore Art Museum in 2016.



Wood, iron, unfired porcelain
700 x 160 x 70 cm

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