A Black Panther Once Lived in Thailand

The work fits into the general concept of the exhibition and mass extinction of animal life on the planet, but also to a local one. Earlier this year, one of Thailand's wealthy moguls, Premchai Karnasuta, was caught illegally poaching endangered animals in protected reserve. It quickly grabbed national headlines as case that more broadly reflected the public concern about how the law is treated with impunity by the connected and wealthy. It has also sparked activism among artists.

To strengthen the body, I mixed the wet stoneware clay with rice straw. I left the sculpture covered over the Songkran holidays and when I returned new sprouts of grass were growing from the sculpture, almost as if the sculpture/panther was willing itself back to life.


Exhibited with the solo exhibition, The Reconstruction



A Black Panther Once Lived in Thailand. (2018).
Sculpture. Unfired Stoneware, straw, armature, coconut shell charcoal, table.
180x70x20 cm.

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