Manufacturing Creativity

Artists and Designers are manufacturing innovators.

Recent economic development in Vietnam has seen a proliferation of manufacturing. This presents social and economic challenges to developing the fundamental precursors of innovation in industry communities; individual motivation and creativity.

The Vietnamese government encourages industry linkages with universities – developing innovation capacities. Led by UNESCO and Australia’s Sydney University, these Creative Innovation Manufacturing Residencies coalesce these groups to promote these key drivers of sustainable innovation by situating artists and designers as motivating creative exemplars with partner manufactories.

The project seeks to create a strategic continuum between two parts of society. It seeks to increase the cultural capability and opportunities for artists and designers in a wider field of environments, while at the same time demonstrating how industry can meet its social and environmental responsibility by enabling, supporting valuing of human and material resources.

The project dovetails with the following UNESCO sustainable development goals; it raises the quality of education in creative industries through expanding opportunities for creative practice and providing exemplars, fosters innovation in manufacturing, provides a human resource catalyst for economic growth, social inclusivity and gender equality, develops approaches to sustainable cities, through focusing on material production and consumption, and the environment through the mindful and creative reduction of waste.

Ultimately it will create new cultural products and offer contemporary heritage emblems for future generations. These products or creative works will form the focus of the Exhibition, Manufacturing Creativity.

Dr Jane Gavan 
University of Sydney, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Artists: Le Giang, Lai Dieu Ha, Luong Thi Minh Hoa, Nguyen Huy Bien, Trang Ngo Thi Thu, Khiet Giang, Ha Dao, Richard Streitmatter-Tran

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Manufacturing Creativity
Museum of Ho Chi Minh City
January 18-29, 2018

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