Future of Imagination 4

“Future of Imagination 4” intends to cross-examine performance and live art practice within the international context. Featured this year are guest artists from Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Poland, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, as well as Singapore artists.

It is a curated performance art gathering of artists whose works has questioned or attempt to share a continuing interest in the cultural constructs of identity in the global situation and current trends of contemporary art practice. In the present age of intense globalization we as artists organizers sincerely believe that such an event will help increase international cultural exchange and understanding as well as being an accentuation of our artistic practice, research and development. The artists will make live presentations to articulate ideas and engage the audience in a sincere, revelatory and immediate form. We also hope to stimulate discussion by holding forums to question the status of performance art in our rapidly changing society.

Special Events

Opening - Short dialogue by 2 artists and performances by 3 artists
26 September, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, 7pm

Live Performances (Durational)
27 – 30 September, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, 2pm – 5 pm and 7pm till late daily



Future of Imagination 4
International Performance Art Event
27 - 20 September 2007

Featured Exhibitions