Asia Triennial Manchester II

Chinese Art Centre (CCA)
Institution for the Future
Artists: Hu Xiangqian, Ise Parking Projects, Michael Lee, Vandy Rattana, Ruangrupa, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, Jun Yang

The exhibition Institution for The Future, presented as part of the Asia Triennial in Manchester, curated by Biljana Ciric and Chinese Art Center, proposes new institutional models and modes of artistic production that attempt to have a significant effect on arts infrastructure, discourse and practice at both the local and global levels.

The exhibition presented individual artists and collectives that have been working on the local front to define new models of institutions or ways of art production that work effectively on a local level, but, at the same time, make a contribution to the global dialogue, challenging the modes of art production today. These individuals attempt to answer the timely needs of the local artistic communities in Asia that have drastically changed in the last ten years, and remind us of the utopian sentiment to believe in art and its role in society. At the same time their approach tells us of the importance of remaining small and maintaining  independence, which is a communal strength of all the participating artists and collectives. These are some of the reasons why they have been able to keep working on such projects, and continue to search for new strategies within the ever-changing conditions of the present moment.

Richard Streitmatter-Tran exhibits the artworks "Medium Rare" and "Manchester Aere".



Asia Pacific Triennial II
CAC, Manchester
Institutions for the Future
Curated by Biljana Ciric and CAC
Oct 1 - Nov 26, 2011

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