A Snapshot of Contemporary Vietnamese Art

From the catalog:

...At last, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, at once artist and independent art critic, presents Dongkuk, a video which explores the ties between space and light, where in a well defined space and of very constructed lines, the neon grail emits a rhythmical music and dazzles the spectator whom is already near hypnotised by this cadence, a cadence which also evokes video games. Richard Streitmatter-Tran has based in Saigon for several years after being raised in the USA. He draws upon this Vietnam in transition and its changes in order to realise a foremost and varied conceptual oeuvre. The artist explores medias and new means of communication, the relations of the body with numerous performances and his videos such as Body Frame/Video Frame, where he questions both memory and also war. Instigator of Mogas Station, a group of artists and creators living in Saigon and whom promote contemporary art in the country, he belongs to these artists at once greatly implicated in their art and possessing an attention of diffusion and of a greater reflection, permitting Vietnam to open towards these new artistic forms.



A Snapshot of Contemporary Vietnamese Art
Ifa Gallery, Shanghai
30 May - 20 July, 2009
Curators: Marie Terrieux and Alexis Kouzmine-Karavaïeff

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