A Material History of Man and Animal

This exhibition features both new and existing art works by the artist Richard Streitmatter-Tran ranging from installation to painting and sculpture and marks his first solo show in Vietnam since the beginning of his practice in Saigon thirteen years ago. The exhibition title is a follow up on his 2013 solo exhibition in Korea, “Material Turn”, where the artist begins to fully commit to a studio practice working directly on materials and objects with his own hand rather than having works completely fabricated or existing entirely in the conceptual area. By returning to the fundamentals of craft through slow deliberate learning, the artist has assembled a variety of objects both small and massive to speak about the recent but irreversible impact of the human species on earth in what is known in terms of geologic eras as the Anthropocene, or, the Age of Humans.

By examining the materials we both produce and consume from the animate and inanimate, organic and inorganic, the artist has sought to create works that question our fundamental nature and relations.

A Material History of Man and Animal will run for two weeks and is accompanied by the text, The Cerumen Strata: From Figures to Configurations by Vi Le and Richard Streitmatter-Tran, published in Art in the Anthropocene (Open Humanities Press, London, 2015).

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Dia Projects
HCMC, Vietnam
Solo Exhibition
Sep 11-25, 2015

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